Butterfly lookout

Which butterflies are newly emerging or arriving? Species in the list below have early sighting dates within 10 days of today. Early dates are often indicators of uncommonly warm weather, so the median date of first sighting is also listed.

Butterflies first seen around this week

Species Earliest sighting Median first sighting Seen this year?
Red Admiral Jan 1 Apr 10
Clouded Sulphur Jan 3 Apr 14
Question Mark Jan 7 Mar 9
American Lady Jan 19 Apr 12
Cabbage White Feb 15 Mar 26
Milbert's Tortoiseshell Mar 11 Apr 12
Eastern Pine Elfin Mar 14 Apr 14
Gray Comma Mar 18 Apr 15
'Spring' Spring Azure Mar 19 Apr 16
Mustard White Mar 23 May 2
Brown Elfin Mar 24 Apr 15
Olympia Marble Mar 29 Apr 21
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Mar 29 Apr 17