Butterfly sighting

Aug 10 2013


Location: 15 mile diameter circle centered at Muscoda. Also includes portions of Grant and Richland Cos.
Iowa County

This was the 7th year for this annual field trip of the Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association. 27 people participated. We found a total of 33 species and 259 individuals in 7.85 hours of observing. Three species were new to the count: Northern Pearly-eye (1), Meadow Fritillary (6) and Variegated Fritillary (1). Species with highest numbers of the seven years were: Great Spangled Fritillary (18), Coral Hairstreak (3), Painted Lady (4), Common Roadside Skipper (8), Dun Skipper (2), Least Skipper (26) and Cabbage White (12).