Butterfly sighting

Apr 6 2014

Joshua Cullum

Location: Gibbs Lake County Park
Rock County

As I was watching birds, I walked into a meadow area and a butterfly flew up from right in front of me. I immediately could see that it was a comma species due to the small size, orange and brown marking above with dark spots, and the brown mottling below. I suspected Eastern Comma, but I wasn't sure, so I got closer. I was able to verify it as an Eastern Comma. Later in my hike, I flushed another butterfly up that was obviously a comma, but it did not land so I couldn't identify it. Later and in a different place, I saw another comma that I was able to verify as an Eastern, and then a little later spotted another comma that flew away before I was able to identify it. In total, I saw 4 commas, 2 of which were Eastern Commas and the other two unidentified, but were almost certainly Eastern as well.
About 60˚ F. out with a fairly strong wind from the south and sunny.