Butterfly sighting

May 26 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Riley Lake Bogs
Price County

May 26 Price County . Riley Lake Bogs. Re-surveyed four of the same bogs as on May 23 to check on Frigga Fritillary and Jutta Arctic phenology, and to try for Red-disked Alpines at different sites. Bogs were along Hwy 70 and Forest Roads 505 and 137. 1:19-2:34 pm, 82-86 degrees F, 25% sunshine, wind south 4-6 mph. The Frigga Fritillary was found in the furthest of these bogs away from the sighting on May 23. The Red-disked Alpines were found in a bog where we saw none of them May 23. One unidentified Polygonia.