Butterfly sighting

Jun 2 2014

Nick Nequette

Location: Mt. Simon off Dells Pond West/Babe Ruth Ballpark
Eau Claire County

Eau Claire proper had a steady rain yesterday, just over an inch fell up here on Mt. Simon......today the Milkweed plants literally shot up about a foot from under the ground, the Milkweeds were not visible, not out of the ground and I had wondered whether they would be coming up.....but the soaking rain brought them up and out for all to see........on cue then about 10:00 a.m. a Monarch Butterfly shows up all happy and sassy, flitting here and there between plants and the whole neighborhood....we were finally able to get some pictures....one on the Milkweed which is their favorite and another just being here and happy!!!! makes two of us, glad he made the trip and hope many more start to show up now....... sighted on May 28th 2014 about 10:00 am...



★ = New county photo record