Butterfly sighting

May 31 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Six bogs east of Three Lakes along Nicolet National Forest Roads 2182 (4 bogs) 2414, and 2174, and a 7th bog not on those roads.
Forest County

10:31 am to 3:10 pm, 78-90 degrees F, 100% sunshine, wind south 4-8 mph. One of the bogs (we didn't find much there)is barely in Oneida County. All of the Red-disked Alpines and 23 of the Freijas were east and north of Wolf Lake north of 2182, primarily more than 1/2 mile out the bog. We walked a mile out the bog and back, but the best area by far can be accessed by walking northeast on a wide trail, a former railroad grade, which starts at a paved parking lot north of 2182 just east (maybe 0.2 Miles) of the Bailey Lake Horse Trail. 0.75-0.8 miles up this trail a wide flat snowmobile trail goes to the right (SE) across at least a mile of bog. The snowmobile trail is obvious so not hard to recognize. The snowmobile trail is good for Freijas and Alpines from the very west end to well out onto the bog, and the bog within 1/4 mile of the snowmobile trail is also good for those species near the trail's west end.