Butterfly sighting

Jun 28 2014

Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association

Location: Cherokee Marsh
Dane County

This was an annual field trip of SWBA. Twenty-five people observed 17 species of butterflies. Best sightings were several Baltimore Checkerspots, Bronze Copper, Banded Hairstreak and Hackberry Emperor. An Emperor landed on one of the participants. We saw a Wandering Glider overhead, which is the world's champion migrant (12,000 miles over ocean between India and South Africa). Thanks to Stan Rehm for spotting butterflies and for the Copper photo. And thanks to Jan Axelson for information about the prairie and Cherokee Marsh. Leader Karl Legler rescued a Baltimore trapped in a web. When released it flew up and touched his nose then flew off. Was it a "butterfly kiss" thanking the leader? [insert spooky music here]. It was a fun thought and a fun trip!

Bronze Copper

Bronze Copper