Butterfly sighting

Jul 12 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Eight Bogs near Amnicon Lake and Moose Junction
Douglas County

11:26 am to 3:04 pm, 65-76 degrees F, 80% sunshine, wind north 3-10 mph. This is probably our highest Dorcas Copper count in a day, probably edging our previous established on most of these same bogs by 10%. Today 95% of the Dorcas were on the bogs and 5% in ditches, while in our highest previous counts 75+% of the Dorcas Coppers were in ditches and <25% on the bogs. Probably every site had our highest ever Dorcas count on the bog (excluding ditches), out of >25 tries at most of these bogs in Dorcas flight.