Butterfly sighting

Jul 13 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: 3 kettlehole bogs near Drummond
Bayfield County

8:20 to 9:52 am, 60-66 degrees F, 100% sunshine, wind variable 3-6 mph. Wishbone Lake had 412 Bog Coppers at a rate of >1000/hr, our 3rd highest rate ever. Roger and Crane Lake bogs, which were flooded this spring, had only 3 and 0 Bog Coppers, a poor showing for them. Our first Dorcas Coppers in about 25 tries during their flight on these bogs--all on Wishbone. These sites are described in Jeff Nekola's fall 1998 article in American Butterflies “Bog-Trotting for Butterflies in Northern Wisconsin”, and also in Ann Swengel's online article on Northwestern Wisconsin Bog butterflying on the SWBA website.