Butterfly sighting

Jul 26 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Two bogs and their roadsides near Amnicon Lake, 2 bogs near Moose Junction, and a rodside by a 3rd bog near Amnicon Lake
Douglas County

3:25-5:58 pm, 81-89 degrees F, 98% sunshine, wind southwest 4-6 mph. Our Dorcas Copper count on the two Moose Junction bogs declined from 49 on July 12 to 3 today. Bear Lake and North Bear Lake Bogs combined for 58 Dorcas Coppers and 57 Bog Coppers today, compared to 37 Dorcas and 12 Bog Coppers on July 12. Today most of the coppers were along roadsides near the Bear Lake Bogs, a complete reversal of the pattern on July 12. The Purplish Fritillaries were in the roadside at North Bear Lake along County A.

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