Butterfly sighting

Jul 30 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Leola Wildlife Area
Adams County

5:25-6:10 PM, 69-72 degrees F, 60% sun, wind wet, 2-6 mph. We walked 1 mile in the grassland and drove two miles during this time period. Six Purplish Coppers were in the 40 acre plot immediately southwest of the County W/Archer Road junction. Five of them were in a small area 280-350 meters west and 50-80 meters south of this junction. One was 150 meters west and 50 meters south of this junction. The 7th Purplish Copper was just northwest of the Apache Road/Cty W junction, just northeast of where the culvert emerges west of Cty W. The Red Admiral count is an estimate: about 500 on Apache Road and 100 while we walked or on the other mile of road.