Butterfly sighting

Jul 30 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Buena Vista Grassland
Portage County

9:20 am to 4:52 pm, 68-82 degrees F, 90% sunshine, wind northwest 5-10 mph. We walked 9 miles in the grassland. We saw 2 female and 32 male Regal Fritillaries; this is our highest regal Fritillary Count at Buena this year, which makes this a very low year for Regals there. This is our 3rd highest Gray Copper count this year. The male Purplish Copper was about 600 meters west and 300 meters south of the Griffith Ave./130th Road junction. This was in an area with a series of small flower-field depressions, approximately 100 meters south of the prairie-chicken blind (but possibly a little east or a little west, too--I wasn't paying attention to that at the time) still in the grassland here.

☆ = New county sighting record