Butterfly sighting

Sep 26 2014

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Leola Grassland
Adams County

11:06 am to 3:45 pm, 70-78 degrees F, 100% sunshine, wind south 3-8 mph. We walked 5 miles in the grassland and 1 mile of roadsides. Purplish Coppers are having a strong 3rd brood here. Survey coverage was slightly greater than on August 3 when we had 10% more Purplish Coppers than today. 185 of the Purplish Coppers were in grasslands bordering Archer Road, and 12 were seen in the mowed edge of Archer Road in the first 1/2 mile west of County W. We found at least 15 Purplish Coppers in all seven transects off-road bordering Archer. Most coppers were in good wing condition. The largest concentration of coppers was in the first quarter mile west of County W, 250 meters north of Archer road. An easy to find (easier walking) concentration was barely >1/4 mile west of Cty W, a little south of Archer number. Coppers were nectaring on several species of white asters. We saw 9 Purplish Coppers on one clump of asters about 0.75-0.8 miles west of County W, 10 meters north of Archer Road. We also readily found Purplish Coppers nectaring on asters and Hoary Alyssum in mowed roadsides on both sides of County W just north of the east-west ditch that borders Apache Road.