Butterfly sighting

May 2 2015

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: May 2 Riley Lake Bogs
Price County

12-16 miles east of Fifield; 4 bogs along FR 137, one south of FR 136, and two bogs east of FR 505. 8:34 am to 12:03 pm, 58-74 degrees F, 90% sunshine, wind SW 2-8 mph. Only 3 of the Freijas were on a road (all 1.8-1.9 miles south of 70, on FR 137). This Freija Fritillary count is high for this early in the flight. Ann predicted a high Freija year because it was a dry winter/spring. We believe it is early in the flight because we saw no Red-disked Alpines (RDAs)at 4 sites here that are good for RDAs. We expect RDAs to be on the wing here by this coming weekend. Brown Elfins are low after some high recent years on these bogs.