Butterfly sighting

May 2 2015

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Forest County Bogs
Forest County

Three bogs along FR 2182 east of Three Lakes between the Military Road and FR 2414, one bog west of 2414, and two other bogs. 1:36 to 5:42 pm, 70-79 degrees F, 70% sunshine, wind SW 5-10 mph. All but two of the Freijas were on a bog north of Wolf Lake; the easiest way to access the good part for Freijas and Red-disked Alpine (should be out by this upcoming weekend but really going strong about mid-May) is to walk north/NE from a paved lot along FR 282 that is west of Wolf Lake, for 0.75-0.8 mile up a gated trail that's an old RR grade. Turn right onto the bog where a snowmobile trail goes east/SE across bog. Snowmobile trail is easiest place to see both Freija and Red-disked Alpine and is easiest way to walk on this bog. Brown Elfin counts are low on these bogs.