Butterfly sighting

May 16 2015

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Dunbar Barrens SNA
Marinette County

11:41 AM-12:35 PM, 63-72 degrees F, wind south 2-10 mph. Road in remains scary for a small car but we made it. An easy spot to find that is also where Chryxus Arctics are relatively common in season is the basin just west of this road (main road in to SNA) 0.4 miles north of Hwy 8. Cobweb Skipper site is much further N, after the road passes through a forest, bends west, and finally straightens into a long straightaway. Much scarier rocks in the road to get here! After the road climbs to a gentle crest and begins descending, there are a few spots where we sometimes find Cobwebs, especially in the Wild Lupine patches that start near a Bluebird box on the east side of the road.