Butterfly sighting

Jun 3 2015

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens around Bauer-Brockway, Dike 17, and Stanton Road
Jackson County

7:50-1:40 Am to 12:236 PM, 63-79 degrees F, 70% sunshine, wind southeast 4-10 mph. 85 male Karners, 53 femnaes, 4 unknown. 62% males suggests that these counts were on average relatively near the peak. We usually run 70-75 % males at peak in Jackson County and 60-65 % males in Wood County at peak, but this year the "high male %" sites are having fewer Karners in Jackson County than some sites that typically have higher female proportions. Scott found 2 Brown Elfins in Jackson County on June 1 and Ann and Scott found 2 on May 28; two of those other four and the June 3 Frosted were extremely worn.