Butterfly sighting

Aug 1 2015

D Nussbaum

Location: North side of Shady Lane
Winnebago County

9:15 to 11:30. Finally dry enough to take a long walk in and around the willows looking for Acadian Hairstreaks. No luck... maybe a little too late.

25 or 30 years ago I walked this same area in late August. I was in awe of the incredible number of bees there. The roar was amazingly loud. I bet I stood there ten minutes just trying to process how many bees surrounded me. Today the bees numbered way under one percent of that other day. Fewer willows and wild flowers too. Flora change is probably due to a combination of natural progression and canary grass.

Another moment of awe here came in October or November in that same time span. I walked through a patch of alders and flushed 25 or 30 Short-eared Owls, one at a time as I walked through. They were silent and ghostlike. Almost eerie. Two very memorable events here for me.

Broad-winged Skipper

Broad-winged Skipper