Butterfly sighting

Sep 2 2008

Karen Medeiros

Location: Pewaukee (my kitchen, originally found at neighbor's yard)
Waukesha County

These are 2 Monarch caterpillars "rescued" from a neighbor's sparse patch of milkweed plants that were inhabited by numerous Milkweed Tussock Moth caterpillars (Note: Female Milkweed Tussock Moths lay eggs in "rafts" and caterpillars are gregarious during instars 1-3, solitary in later instars, when marked with bright tufts. May defoliate patches of milkweed.*) There was a 3rd, larger Monarch caterpillar with what appeared to be wasp eggs laid on it. I have been raising these 2 smaller caterpillars at home to try to protect them from the same fate (or running out of milkweed due to the Tussock caterpillars!)