Butterfly sighting

Apr 23 2016

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens between Millston and Black River Falls, and Hwy 54 Bog
Jackson County

10:53 AM-5:06 PM; 57-72 degrees F, 50% sun. Ann Swengel's climatic analysis of lupine feeders found that warmer drier winters and early springs are associated with higher Karner Blue Counts. The larger than usual number of Karner caterpillars we found today combined with the early date are consistent with that analysis and suggest an early (adults by May 20 or before) Karner flight here and a larger flight than in Spring 2015. The Henry's Elfin was on the "South Brockway West" track 0.1 miles west of Brockway Road. We saw 1 Brown Elfin on the bog. We also saw at 5-6 unidentified elfins today.