Butterfly sighting

May 7 2016

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Bogs east of Fifield
Price County

Four bogs on Forest Road 137, 2 on FR 505, and one south of FR 136. 10:27 AM to 2:09 PM. 60-69 degrees F, 75% sun, wind NE 5-10 mph. The Red-disked Alpines were all south of FR 136. We have seen 500-950 Brown Elfins on the same bogs on a good day, but the "Brown Elfin Wave" population cycle seems to be at its low end. See Figure 2 that shows this wave in our 2015 paper "Assessing abundance patterns of specialized bog butterflies over 12 years in northern Wisconsin USA" in Journal of Insect Conservation 19:293-304. Avallable full-text at