Butterfly sighting

Sep 11 2016

Ron Arnold

Location: my property in the town of Seneca
Wood County

I haven't had much time this summer for butterflies or checking out my prairie, so I decided to spend a few minutes today checking out what was flowering and flying. The highlight was seeing a season high 9 Monarchs, until I spotted the Reakirt's Blue, which is a lifer for me. At first I thought it was an Eastern Tailed-Blue, but something didn't look right and I didn't have a good angle with the binoculars. I dropped to my knees and decided to take a photo and figure out later what it was. I got 3 back-lit photos before it took off. I saw it land again and tried for a better position, but it didn't cooperate. The first photo was just a butterfly-shaped blob, but the rest were good enough for an ID.

Reakirt's Blue

Reakirt's Blue