Butterfly sighting

May 22 2017

Scott Swengel

Location: Barrens 1.5 to 3 miles south of Castle Mound Road between Haunter Haven and Brockway Roads, and at Stanton Creek Road, Bauer Road, near Highway 54, and Dike 17
Jackson County

65-75 degrees F, 75% sun. I surveyed 12 miles of barrens transects, 10.5 miles of which were to complete our Frosted Elfin long-term monitoring surveys. 30 of the Frosted Elfins were in one very large area and one medium/large survey area south of Castle Mound Road. I also saw an unidentified Tiger Swallowtail, 2+ unidentified elfins, 1 unidentified blue, and >42 unidentified duskywings. The overall number of individual butterflies was small compared to usual for these sites, suggesting that the many cloudy and rainy days are simply making there be shorter, smaller flights.