Butterfly sighting

Aug 1 2017

Heather Shaw

Location: My front porch and east facing flower gardens in Fall Creek, WI. This butterfly followed me around for about 2 hours as I worked in my gardens.
Eau Claire County

I first saw the red spotted purple butterfly around 1:30pm today and took several photos beginning at 2:01pm. It rested on my porch rocking chair for several minutes, then followed me back and forth between the front yard flower gardens and the porch as I weeded and divided plants. It was present for at least two hours, but was no longer there when I returned to the front yard at 5:00pm after working in the back for awhile. I didn't see it on any of my nectar plants as it seemed to prefer resting on my porch furniture and occasionally on the leaves of a mum that is not yet blooming and a lily that is already done blooming. It was often very still rather than flitting about from flower to flower.

Red-spotted Purple

Red-spotted Purple