Butterfly sighting

Aug 12 2017

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Common Branded Skipper sites NW of Clam Lake
Bayfield County

We surveyed the rectangular grassland along Namakagon Trail 1/2 mile east of the Snake Trail, as well as an opening further north a little east of the Snake Trail (where we saw most of the Common Branded Skippers). The Snake Trail north of Namakagon Trail is closed to cars, so we walked a mile up the road to look for butterflies and found five Common Branded Skippers in the first 0.7 miles. In the north part of this walk we saw our only Milbert's Tortoiseshells of the year. In 2015 we also saw our only Milbert's of the year along that stretch of road. 21 of the Common Brandeds that we saw were male, 19 were female, and for 42 we couldn't tell.