Butterfly sighting

May 18 2018

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens near Brockway Road, Hunter Haven Road, and Stanton Road
Jackson County

8.2 hours; we walked >12 miles; 62-83 degrees F, mostly sunny; wind E to S, 0-12 mph. All sites that we visited are part of our Frosted Elfin monitoring program. Our total Frosted Elfin count on the 7-8 mile Hunter Haven loop was 39; this is our 3rd highest count out of 21 years of surveys there. Our top two counts from Hunter Haven are both from 2012. We also surveyed several sites west of Brockway Road and at "North Brockway East", Stanton Road, and the South Brockway ATV Trail and Motorcycle Trail Forest that are both just east of Brockway Road. We saw at least 35 unidentified elfins, and at least 150 unidentified duskywings.

☆ = New county sighting record