Butterfly sighting

May 14 2018

Nathan Tucker, Tim Wilder, ScottSwengel

Location: Bauer-Brockway and Hunter Haven Road Barrens
Jackson County

The weather was poor for butterfly finding half of the time. We saw at least 14 unidentified elfins. 4 Hoary Elfins were right by the Bauer-Brockway Barrens SNA sign north of Bauer Road, and about 5 Hoaries were in the right-of-way south of Bauer Road opposite that sign. All of the Henry's Elfins were west of Brockway Road and less than 0.6 miles south of Bauer Road. At least 6 Henry's Elfins were near each other approximately 200 meters southwest o the entrance to Wazee County park. The Frosted Elfins were more than 1/2 mile west of Hunter Haven Road.