Butterfly sighting

May 17 2019

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Nicolet NF bogs and other bogs
Forest County

Six bogs, including 4 in the Nicolet National Forest. These three National Forest Bogs are described in the butterfly watching guide "Butterflies to Log, in and near Northern Wisconsin's Bogs" by Ann Swengel that is posted athttps://www.naba.org/chapters/nabawba/watching.html : North of Wolf Lake (Forest Road 2182), FR 2182 midway between FR 2176 and FR 2414, and northwest of the FR 2182/2414 junction. We also surveyed a bog west of FR 2414 one mile north of FR 2183, and two other bogs. The Red-disked Alpine and one of the Freijas was on the bog north of Wolf Lake most easily reached by using the snowmobile trail north of Wolf Lake. It was early in the Red-disked Alpine flight, but we think that species and Freija Fritillaries will have below-average abundance this year.

☆ = New county sighting record