Butterfly sighting

May 25 2019

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: 9 Bogs in Riley lake Area
Price County

These Chequamegon National Forest Bogs are described in the butterfly watching guide "Butterflies to Log, in and near Northern Wisconsin's Bogs" by Ann Swengel that is posted at https://www.naba.org/chapters/nabawba/watching.html Forest Road 137 was closed so we had to walk more than 4 extra miles to reach the 4th and 5th bogs on this road on both sides at 2.3 miles south of Hwy 70. Also surveyed two bogs on FR 505, one bog on FR 136, and one bog on State Highway 70. This count includes butterflies in our 4 long-term bog roadside survey units along Forest 137 and other butterflies while we walked that road. All Red-disked Alpines, Jutta Arctics, and Frigga Fritillaries were out on bogs. Nine of the 11 Freijas were out on bogs (2 Freijas seen on FR 137). Fifteen of the Red-disked Alpines were 0.25-0.5 miles south of Forest Road 136 in the openest part of that bog.