Butterfly sighting

May 26 2019

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: 9 Bogs near Amnicon lake
Douglas County

Most of these bogs are described in the butterfly watching guide "The Fascinating Butterflies of Northwestern Wisconsin Bogs" by Ann Swengel that is posted at https://www.naba.org/chapters/nabawba/watching.html Freijas Fritllary and Red-disked Alpine counts were low at most sites. Twenty of the Freijas and 2 alpines were on a bog south of Miclchesky Road that we accessed about 2 miles (article says 1.75 miles but we now enter further west) west of County Hwy A at a landing. This bog is hard to get to through the forest and brambles, and the best Red-disked Alpine area is 0.2+ miles southeast of where we step on the bog. Jutta Arctics will probably begin to be findable on the first sunny day after this.
We saw 1 unidentified white