Butterfly sighting

Jun 29

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Buena Vista Wildlife area
Portage County

We walked 5.5 miles in the grassland together and each walked 1 different mile of roadside. We think that in large populations Gray Coppers probably emerge barely before Regal Fritillaries, but that usually we do not survey in that tiny bit of time with Gray Coppers before Regals and end up seeing our first ones of both species the same day. This time we had one probable Regal Fritillary that doesn't count because this butterfly was too far away through heat haze and could have been something else. We chose some areas mainly to look for Bronze Coppers and probably got our highest daily count here ever. The Monarch brood that usually emerges in early July was already strongly evident, and we think Monarchs will have very high numbers here in July as in 2018.