Butterfly sighting

May 15 2020

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens between Millston and Black River Falls
Jackson County

Sunny, 61-77 degrees F, 15.5 to 16 miles walked. Every site is part of our Frosted Elfin long-term monitoring and has had at least one Frosted Elfin sighting before. Sites at Dike 17, near Brockway and Bauer Roads, west of Hunter Haven Road, and along Stanton Creek Road. We saw 3 Frosted Elfins in the westernmost mile of Stanton Creek Road and 4 Frosted Elfins in the first 0.9 miles (3 of the 4 were 0.6-0.9 miles out) of the wide pipeline ROW running along the west side of the ATV trail going northwest from Hunter Haven Road beginning 0.5-0.6 miles north of Stanton Creek Road. We also saw 4 unidentified elfins and 72 unidentified duskywings.