Butterfly sighting

May 30 2020

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens between Millston and Black River Falls
Jackson County

8+ hours surveying Phlox Moth, Frosted Elfin, and Karner Blue long-term monitoring sites and a few newer sites for those species. This is our 60th straight brood surveying some of the Karner sites. Most sites were within .5 miles of the Bauer Road-Brockway Road intersection, at Stanton Creek Road, Dodge Road/Highway 27/Jean Road Phlox sites, Dike 17, and a forested area 1.6-2.3 miles south-southeast of the Castle Mound Road /Brockway Road jct. We found about 10 Phlox Moths and they were probably in the first half of their flight period. We also saw 39 unidentified duskywings and an unidentified blue. The Karner Blues we saw were 7 females and 72 males. The Variegated Fritillary was at a Downy Phlox site along Dodge Road northwest of Millston. The Cobweb Skipper was 0.2 miles west of Brockway Road, 20-30 meters north of the east-west dirt track that's about 1/2 mile south of Bauer Road. Three of the Frosted Elfins were along the south side of Stanton Creek Road 0.1-0.8 miles east of Hunter Haven Road; 2 were in the narrow mowed ROW right by the road and one was 0.7 miles E of Hunter Haven Road in the northern part of the wide pipeline ROW that begins 8 meters south of the road. These Stanton Creek Road sites are discussed in Ann Swengel's “Update on Finding Frosted Elfins in Jackson County, Wisconsin” in the Butterfly Watching Site Guides project on the ResearchGate page https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ann_Swengel/publications/