Butterfly sighting

May 31 2020

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Eight bogs, including 6 in the Nicolet National Forest
Forest County

67-72 degrees F on all bogs. 100% sun for first 2 bogs, then 20% sun for the six Nicolet NF bogs. All of these butterflies were on the bogs. Two bogs elsewhere in Forest County and 6 Nicolet National Forest sites: Forest Road 2414 1 mile north of FR 2183, on west; four Forest Road 2182 bogs--just northwest of its junction with 2414, Forest Road 2182 midway between FR 2414 and 2176 (1.4 miles from each) on south side, east Wolf Lake, and North Wolf Lake (following foot trail 0.75 miles NNE to snowmobile trail that enters bog); and a Frigga Fritillary site on FR 2174 north of FR 2183. The 4 bogs along Forest Road 2182 are described in Ann Swengel's butterfly watching guide "Butterflies to log in and near Northern Wisconsin's Bogs" posted at the Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association website http://www.naba.org/chapters/nabawba/watching.html
Three of the 4 Freija Fritillaries and all of the Red-disked Alpines were on North Wolf Lake. The Frigga Fritillaries were on FR 2174, FR 2182 1.4 miles west of 2414, and another site. The Satyr Commas were at FRs 2182/2414 NW of jct. and 2182 1.4 miles west of 2414. We saw an unidentified Mustard or West Virginia White on FR 2174. In NE Wisconsin (but not north-central or NW, where even and odd year counts are relatively similar) Jutta Arctics in even numbered years are 1/10th as abundant as in odd years (no exceptions--we analyzed it), so we were happy with this many Juttas.