Butterfly sighting

Jul 8 2020

Trempealeau NABA Count

Location: Within a 15-mile diameter circle centered 2 miles east of Centerville.
Trempealeau County

This was the 31st annual Trempealeau Butterfly Count conducted by NABA (the North American Butterfly Association.) Four observers in 2 parties observed with close-focusing binoculars for 9.1 party-hours. We found 286 butterflies of 36 species. Gorgone Checkerspots had a record high. A Regal Fritillary was only the 2nd record here. The Monarch had a high in 1994. Then there was a new high in 2018, a new high in 2019, and in 2020 another new high! Another highlight was finding 2 Gray Coppers whose small population has persisted since they were found here 30 years ago. (Thanks to counters Mike Reese, Dave Hogg, Karl and Dorothy Legler.)

Gorgone Checkerspot

Gorgone Checkerspot

★ = New county photo record
☆ = New county sighting record