Butterfly sighting

May 13 2021

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Six Riley Lake bogs
Price County

Four bogs along Forest Road 137, one long bog route south of FR 136 less than a mile west of FR 505, and 1 bog in northern part of FR 505. 30% sunshine, 65-72 degrees F. We also saw an unidentified white (we think Pieris sp.) flying over the bog west of FR 137 1.2 miles south of Highway 70. South of FR 136 we sat for 42 minutes waiting for the sun to come out in the best opening we know of for Red-disked Alpines (RDAs) and Freija Fritillaries. When the sun came out we saw 12 RDAs and 15 Freijas in the next 14 minutes.