Butterfly sighting

May 28

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area and Burnett County Forest
Burnett County

43-71 degrees F, Sunny, strong winds at first. At the start we surveyed 7 Phlox Moth plots when it was cold. Then we surveyed About 18 Karner Blue long-term monitoring areas (all also have Phloxes). The Burnett County Forest sites were all along Peet Post Office Road about1/2 mile from Crex Meadows. The Dusted Skipper total is the number we ID'd, not an estimate. We found 26 Phlox Moths, including 3 mating pairs, in 15 different survey units. We also found a Phlox Moth later in the day at Fish Lake WA, Burnett County.

☆ = New county sighting record