Butterfly sighting

Jun 1

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens between Millston and Black River Falls
Jackson County

10.7 hours. Long-term monitoring of Karner Blues at 14 sites (50-61 straight broods at about 12 sites and 35-41 straight broods at two sites) and monitoring of Phlox Moths (28 straight years) at about 17 sites (some are Karner monitoring sites too), at which we also counted butterflies. The Karner Blues we saw were 105 males, 20 females, and 3 of undetermined gender. The Frosted Elfin was 150-200 m south-southwest of the Wazee County park entrance in a unit where we also found one on May 11. It is a low year for Phlox Moths here: we only found a total of 6 Phlox Moths at 5 sites today, and 2 moths in 2 sites on May 22.