Butterfly sighting

Jul 16

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Barrens in and near Sandhill Wildlife Area
Wood County

3.25 hours. Four sites adjacent to Wood County Hwy X, and one inside Sandhill Wildlife Area. The total count is at the highest end of the spectrum for these sites. We've surveyed 4 of the sites in 54-63 different broods each, and a newer site for about 34 broods. The total of 500 Karner Blues is how many we counted (496 of them at monitoring sites + 4 others), not an estimate. All of these butterflies were seen on transect walks except four Karner Blues and an Eastern Tailed-Blue seen at the gate when we exited the Sandhill Trumpeter Trail auto tour. 77.5% of the Karners for which we could tell the gender (N=484) were males.