Butterfly sighting

Jul 27

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Amnicon Lake bogs
Douglas County

An early try for Purplish Fritillaries on the only bogs (+ their roadsides) where we've seen them in the last 10-12 years: Bear Creek, North Bear, Lyman Lake, and Milchesky Road 1.15. We counted 23 female and 6 male Dorcas Coppers, but couldn't tell gender on the other 6. Our surveys at these 4 bogs on July 21 found 214 Bog Coppers (103 today) and 140 Dorcas Coppers (35 today). The usual pattern as these coppers' flights progress is that a higher and higher proportion of our sightings occur along roadsides as the flight progresses, while the proportion out on the bogs declines during the flight. Today's pattern was the opposite: 38% of the Bog Coppers were on our bog routes July 21, but 52% were out on the bogs today. Only 3% of our Dorcas Coppers were on our bog routes July 21, but 17% were on the bogs today. We identified no nymphalids except for Atlantis Fritillaries.