Butterfly sighting

Jul 30

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Buena Vista Grasslands Wildlife Area
Portage County

One barrens, 3 grassland patches, and one roadside. Today's Karner Blue count (9 females, 23 males, and 3 of unknown gender) is our highest ever (previous high was 32) out of at least 43 broods that we've monitored at the site here; our Spring 2022 count here was our 6th highest out of those broods. All 17 Regal Fritillaries that we saw were males; more than 97% of our Regal sightings combining all areas this year have been of males. One of the 3 grassland patches today was a re-survey of one of our Regal Fritillary long-term monitoring sites; we found 4 Regal Fritillaries in this patch today vs. 6 on July 5.