Butterfly sighting

Aug 9 2022

Scott and Ann Swengel

Location: Buena Vista Grasslands Wildlife Area
Portage County

3:40 hours. Seven grassland patches for Regal Fritillary geographical breadth monitoring. We found Regals in six patches: 3 females, 27 males, 2 unknown gender. One 40-acre patch established a new Regal Fritillary presence for us. We repeated two patches surveyed in July. One was of a usually very good Regal Fritillary patch re-surveyed for a phenological comparison to its July 9 survey when we found 9 Regals; today we found 11 Regals. The other was of a very poor Regal patch where we’ve now found zero Regals twice in 2022. We found six kinds of fritillaries at the first stop; two Variegated Fritillaries were mating, and the 3rd was pestering the mating pair.