Butterfly sighting

Mar 28 2012

Andrea Szymczak

Location: UW Waukesha Field Station - Waterville Rd.
Waukesha County

My first observation submitted to this website ~ I was looking for migratory birds and spotted a "yellow butterfly" (which I assumed was in the Sulphur family) with my naked eye. I was only 20 ft away and lifted my binoculars to discover that the large yellow butterfly was marked with broad black markings along the wing edges and additional black lines extending onto the deeper surfaces of the wing. When it landed (saw this four times) on a juniper adjacent to a creek (fields and small woodlands are also nearby) I observed the "tails"! I was also able to see some blue markings near where the tails and wings meet together at the back of the body. Prior to today, I have only seen Mourning Cloak & Cabbage White butterflies.