Butterfly sighting

Oct 4 2012

Ron Arnold

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, east side
Wood County

Today is my 132nd day in a row of seeing a butterfly in Wood County. The streak that started on May 26th will end either today or tomorrow as I’m leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in Duluth. The streak includes 1 day of seeing a roosting butterfly during a rain storm (there could have been more, but seeing 1 was good enough), 6 days of overcast and 1 day of spotting roosting butterflies at 10pm at night by flashlight (thanks to the abundance of European Skippers on that night). I went out during 19 lunch breaks at work due to impending bad weather or working late and running out of daylight. On 30 days I saw only immigrant species, 32 days of seeing a single species, and 18 days I saw only a single butterfly. Special thanks to the Dainty Sulphurs, or the streak would have been much shorter. My previous streak wasn’t much over 30 days.