Smoky Eyed Brown

Satyrodes eurydice fumosa

The Wisconsin DNR lists this subspecies as a taxa of special concern. The DNR uses “Smokey Eyed Brown” but most references call it the “Smoky Eyed Brown” and I have chosen to go with this spelling. There are very few references to this subspecies online and also very little information about how it differs from the Eyed Brown. Most references say that it is darker than the Eyed Brown and also includes 5 spots on the forewing below instead of the four spots as in the Eyed Brown. They do note that there is considerable intergradation between the subspecies, which may be the case here as this individual is not darker but does have the five spots. In Glassberg’s Butterflies through Binoculars: The East, he has a photo of a Smoky Eyed Brown from Newark Prairie in Rock County.

Weekly sightings for Smoky Eyed Brown

Early Smoky Eyed Brown Sightings

Date County Reported by
Jun 26, 2019 Green Lake D Nussbaum
Jun 29, 2012 Columbia Dan Sonnenberg
Jun 29, 2016 Waukesha Dan Sonnenberg
Jul 4, 2013 Winnebago D Nussbaum
Jul 6, 2001 Adams Leslie A. Ferge


Map showing sighting locations for Smoky Eyed Brown
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Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest, Fond du Lac Co., WI, July 14, 2005.