Hoary Edge

Achalarus lyciades

The Hoary Edge is a rare stray in Wisconsin. This species has been found in Buffalo County in Wisconsin and in southeastern Minnesota, but has a spotty distribution in Illinois, and Iowa.

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Identifying characteristics

Above, the Hoary Edge is a brown skipper with yellow spots in the middle of the forewing, separated by the brown wing color. Below, the hindwing has a white patch on the wing margin.

Similar species

The Silver-spotted Skipper has a similar looking upper forewing, but its yellow spots are continuous and are not separated by brown lines. The Silver-spotted Skipper has a white spot in the middle of the hindwing below, not at the edge as in the Hoary Edge.


Open areas near woodlands.


Two broods farther south. This species has not been known to breed here, but may stray occasionally to Wisconsin from farther south.


A rare stray.


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Hoary Edge

Photo © 2003 tom lewis

Bell Slough WMA, Faulkner Co., AR. May 10, 2003.

Hoary Edge

Photo © 2003 tom lewis

Little Rock, AR.