Southern Cloudywing

Thorybes bathyllus

The Southern Cloudywing is essentially a more southern species, being found in sparingly in the southern half of the state. It has been recorded historically in Waushara County, where I live, but I have never seen it here myself.

I saw my first and only individual of this species in 2005 and was able to take the last two photos. It looks similar to a Northern Cloudywing as it flies, but the larger white spots throughout the wing are easily seen and makes this an easy skipper to identify.

Weekly sightings for Southern Cloudywing

Identifying characteristics

A brownish skipper with white, aligned subapical spots and large spots arranged transversely through the middle of the forewing, the second and third of which are joined in an hourglass-shaped spot. The antenna has white at the bend, and the face is white or a light gray.

Similar species

The Northern Cloudywing is similar, but has nonaligned subapical spots, all spots are smaller in size than the Southern Cloudywing, its antenna are not light-colored at the bend, and its face is dark.


Open fields, and woodland openings.


One brood, late May to early July.


This species, like the Northern Cloudywing, is not usually found in large numbers, and one is more likely to see single individuals.

Late Southern Cloudywing Sightings

Date County Reported by
Jun 18, 2005 Columbia Mike Reese
Jun 25, 2012 Rock Kyle Johnson
Jun 29, 2000 Columbia Karl & Dorothy Legler,...
Jul 2, 2003 Columbia Karl & Dorothy Legler
Jul 6, 2009 Columbia Kathy Kirk


Map showing sighting locations for Southern Cloudywing
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Southern Cloudywing

Photo © 2004 tom lewis

Camp Robinson WMA, Faulkner Co., AR. June 20, 2004.

Southern CloudywingClick to enlarge

Rocky Run Oak Savanna SNA, Columbia Co., WI. June 18, 2005.

Southern CloudywingClick to enlarge

Rocky Run Oak Savanna SNA, Columbia Co., WI. June 18, 2005. Same individual as the above photo.