White M Hairstreak

Parrhasius m-album

The White M Hairstreak is a rare stray in Wisconsin. This southern species strays north occasionally and until 2010 had only been recorded from one site in Wisconsin, one site in Michigan, and had not been recorded from Minnesota. In 2010 there were three sightings from Wisconsin! Rare migrants like the White M Hairstreak should be looked for along natural migration corridors such as along the Lake Michigan shore, or near the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers.

Weekly sightings for White M Hairstreak

Identifying characteristics

Like many of the other Gossamer-wing butterflies, the White M Hairstreak rarely rests with its wings open, but during flight shows a very bright iridescent blue color. Underneath the White M Hairstreak has a large red spot near the tails, a white spot at the leading edge of the hindwing, and a white M as part of the postmedian band.

Similar species

None in Wisconsin.


In their normal habitat, the White M Hairstreak is found mainly in oak woodlands, and open brushy areas where oaks abound.


Throughout most of their range this species is triple brooded.


Any individual seen in Wisconsin will most likely be a single stray.


Map showing sighting locations for White M Hairstreak
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White M Hairstreak

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