Marine Blue

Leptotes marina

The Marine Blue is essentially a butterfly of the southwestern U.S. and a very rare migrant north and east. In 2008, this species was seen in four counties in Wisconsin. The Marine Blue has also been recorded from Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, and from as far east as New York and Pennsylvania.

Weekly sightings for Marine Blue

Identifying characteristics

Below both wings of the Marine Blue have bands of pale brown separated by bands of white. The species has no tail, but has two dark submarginal spots.

Similar species

No similar species in Wisconsin.


Open, weedy areas, often near waterways.


Multiple brooded throughout all of its range and flies all year in some areas.


A very rare stray in Wisconsin.

Early Marine Blue Sightings

Date County Reported by
Jun 15, 2008 Jackson Ann & Scott Swengel
Jun 16, 2022 La Crosse Steve Kinyon
Jun 16, 2022 Grant Mike Reese
Jun 17, 2022 Dane Jason Sailing
Jun 17, 2022 Dane Jesse Peterson


Map showing sighting locations for Marine Blue
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Marine Blue

Photo © 2008 ann thering

Schurch-Thomson Prairie, Iowa Co., WI. July 19, 2008.

Marine Blue

Photo © 2002 david hanson

Bentsen S.P. Mission, TX. March 15, 2002.