Laphria huron

This is a more northern species and I only have seen this one individual. This species is apparently not very photogenic as this photo is the only one of a live specimen that I have seen on the internet. Herschel Raney identified this photo as this species and has posted it on his Arkansas robber fly site. In the original description of the species Bromley (1929) says that it is most closely related to L. sacrator, which superficially with the yellow hairs on the legs and general appearance, I did think that this individual might be L. sacrator with many fewer yellow hairs on the first abdominal segments. There is no record of this species in the literature as occurring in Wisconsin, but it has been found in several counties in northern Michigan and this photo was taken in Marinette County which borders upper Michigan.

Identifying characteristics

This species has long yellow hairs on the posterior of the two front legs, but black on the hind leg. The female has much fewer yellow hairs on the legs. The mystax has a few yellow hairs above but mainly black hairs below. the beard and hairs around the eyes are mainly black. The thorax hair is yellow and the abdomen is black above but has yellow hairs on the lateral surfaces of at least the second abdominal segment. These characteristics seem to agree with the original description given by Bromley and discussed in the 1975 Michigan paper by Baker and Fischer, however there are some differences between this description and the redescription given on the web by Stephen Bullington.

Similar species

Not exactly like any of the others found in Wisconsin, but the males legs look very similar to the legs of L. sacrator, which was flying with this species and it is somewhat like L. thoracica with the darker facial hairs and darker abdomen.


Open woodlands and woodland edges.


June through July


Apparently not common, with few records throughout the New England and areas surrounding the Great Lakes. As of March 12, 2009, I have not seen any photo of a live specimen of this species online except for the one here, and only one photo of a pinned specimen.


Map showing sighting locations for Laphria huron
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Male laphria huron.

Dunbar Barrens area, July 20, 2007.